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“The kitchen renovation company with which you choose to build your
new kitchen can provide you with even more excellent ideas.”

How to Add Beauty and Value to Your New Kitchen

Kitchen Design Consultation

  Kitchen flooring options today range from traditional linoleum to “floating” or laminate flooring to the trending, exotic hardwood floors composed of yellow pine or rich, dark cherry. Although it is classified as a “soft” wood, yellow pine is actually a great choice for kitchen floor material because it is durable, resists fading and cleans easily. Because of its light, pure color, yellow pine instantly brightens any room and blends well with just about any décor shades. What really attracts people to choosing yellow pine flooring when renovating their kitchen is the wood's ability to darken over time, exhibiting a warmer yellow hue as it ages naturally in the kitchen. Easy to install, yellow pine floors can remain unfinished or you can stain the wood any color you wish.

Searching for affordable yet beautiful countertop material? Why not consider granites and other manufactures stones that come in a dazzling array of colors, textures and designs. The most common kind of countertop material is natural granite, with engineered stones such as marble, slate, quartz and onyx representing other popular countertop materials. Quartz is a very durable, stain resistant stone available in over 60 different colors. Although marble is more vulnerable to stains and dents, its elegance and glossy finish makes it the perfect type of countertop stone to enhance modern kitchens, large bathrooms and outdoor bars. Cultured marble is a combination of coloration, crushed limestone and fiberglass resin that is not only durable but economical as well, often implemented in apartments and tract homes.

Kitchen light fixtures are no longer just simple dome lights in the middle of the kitchen. Home renovation companies provide many different styles of lighting fixtures for the kitchen to suit any style, size or décor. Be aware, however, that while that picture of a chandelier kitchen light looks lovely, it may not be functional in your new kitchen. If you cook a lot in your kitchen and use a separate area in which to eat, you want to make sure the light is adequate enough to see what you are doing. Fluorescent lighting is the most energy efficient; fluorescent bulbs will last much longer than regular light bulbs and produces solid streams of light that bounce off the ceiling to provide maximum illumination in darker kitchens. Alternately, if you want a cozier, warmer feel to your new kitchen, select incandescent lights instead of fluorescent lights but remember that incandescent lighting generates more heat, especially if your kitchen lights are ceiling mounted rather than mounted under cabinets or on the walls.

Decorating your renovated kitchen with unique and personalized tile backsplashes is another way to give your kitchen an innovative appeal that emerges from the hundreds of different colors, shapes and finishes offered by backsplash tiling manufacturers. Examples of tile designs include art deco, colored glass, mural tiles that exhibit kitchen-related images and brick-style tile that will give your kitchen a traditional, country charm. Although it may be tempting to match your cabinet color to your backsplash color, contrasting these two items by combining subtly opposing shades of the same color will not only enhance the beauty of your kitchen but will also exude an illusion of spaciousness and clarity gently defined by these diverging hues.

The kitchen renovation company with which you choose to build your new kitchen can provide you with even more excellent ideas for the kind of kitchen you have always dreamed of having, including ideas concerning window creation, furniture, kitchen islands and the latest in state of the art kitchen appliances.
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