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Kitchen Design and Remodeling

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“The kitchen is one of the most popular spaces within the home to remodel.” Kitchen Remodeling in 2014

Kitchen Remodeling in 2014

Kitchen Design Consultation

  Home improvement projects have been gaining popularity for several years, particularly as the real estate market has suffered and many homeowners have been looking at ways to improve their current home rather than think about buying another. What’s top on the list of kitchen remodels by homeowners in the United States? You guessed it! The kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most popular spaces within the home to remodel.

One of the reasons that the kitchen many be one of the most popular remodel projects that homeowners tackle may be that homeowners have a wide range of reasons for taking on a kitchen remodel. Some popular reasons for remodeling the kitchen include:
To update appliances
To update countertops and cabinetry
To change the layout of the kitchen to increase functionality
For style
To make a better or new use out of part or all of the kitchen

With so many reasons one might want to remodel the kitchen, it makes sense that this is one of the most popular projects that homeowners will be tackling in 2014. It’s so popular, in fact, that the website houzz.com, which is a kitchen design website, recently conducted a survey of over 7500 homeowners about what they’d like to do in their kitchen remodels. The results are in, and the trends that are emerging are:

Professional-Grade Equipment
Many homeowners responded that at the top of their wish list is professional-grade appliances such as chef’s stoves. With trends like gourmet cooking circulating via Pinterest and programming on networks like The Food Network, many homeowners think of the kitchen as more than a place to cook a casual meal. Homeowners want access to the best of the best.

Stainless Steel
Sticking with the professional kitchen at home trend, stainless steel had a big impact on houzz.com’s survey. Over 65% of responders said that they’d love stainless steel appliances in their kitchen. However, homeowners aren’t going so industrial that you might mistake their home kitchens for a restaurant kitchen. Although stainless steel is being embraced, it’s often coupled with wood and other colors via the cabinets and walls of the kitchen.

Bright and White
Though some trend predictors are forecasting big, bold colors making their way into the kitchen in 2014, houzz.com’s survey showed that many homeowners are staying true to their neutral roots. Neutral color schemes have long been popular in kitchens, and it looks like this is a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Nature for Nurture
Many homeowners like the trend of bringing natural and green materials into their food-prep areas. This means that wood is finding its way into countertops, cabinets, and flooring more than ever before. Eco-friendly materials are also big on the wish lists of homeowners who are getting ready to re-model. When it comes to being eco-friendly, surface materials are not the only way in. Appliances being energy efficient or, even better, Energy Star rated, is a big must on many homeowners’ lists.
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