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Kitchen Design and Remodeling

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“The kitchen holds huge importance in almost any home,
contributing a place to gather, to eat, and to prepare meals.”

Trends in Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchen Design Consultation

  After many years of holding back on investing in the home, many homeowners are coming out of the shadows and are finally getting back in the game of improving the home. For many American families, the kitchen is the first spot being renovated. The kitchen holds huge importance in almost any home, contributing a place to gather, to eat, and to prepare meals. For many people, the kitchen sets the tone for the entire home by serving as the epicenter of most family activity. Therefore, having a functional kitchen that matches the styles and tastes of the family is of utmost importance to many.

As so many people embrace kitchen remodeling in the home, several trends are emerging. Below are some details on the major trends that are present in kitchen remodeling today.

Creating a Modern Look
European styles have been gaining popularity in the United States as of late, particularly in kitchen design. Characterized by simplicity, European designs often feature sleek lines. Common materials are hard plastics and steel, which are in contrast to more traditional American designs that typically featured intricate woodwork.

Ergonomics is a study that focuses on functionality in spacing and utility. Ergonomics, it would seem, should have always played a role in kitchen layouts, but the truth is that kitchens are not always planned for reliable workability in their original form. Newly designed kitchens reflect the professional layouts of restaurant kitchens. Often these kitchens include:
A fruit and vegetables prep area located near the main sink
A baking station: pullout cutting board and/or lift-up mixer in the base of the cabinets
A sandwich prep area: near the refrigerator
A second sink in an island for additional prep
A bar and mini-fridge in the island

These modern, ergonomically sound kitchens are focused on organization and ease of use, two qualities that are of utmost importance to today’s on-the-go homeowner.

Electronic Integration
As electronics become more and more a part of daily life, many more homeowners are working from home – either primarily, or after hours and between shifts. As computers become smaller and easier to use in any room of the home, many find the kitchen to be the most desirable space to catch up on emails or work while in the home. Though there was a time that a personal computer would have its own home office room dedicated to it, laptops and tablets make it much easier to catch up on work while remaining within and amongst the household.

To keep up with this trend, many homeowners are integrating additional plugs and charging stations into kitchens.

Layered Styles
Though there was a time when the style was to keep everything in a room very coordinated, designers are now playing with a mix of materials and styles to create depth of appearance in a space. Mixed materials creates an inviting appeal, keeping the kitchen at the forefront of spaces that family members desire to be in.
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