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Kitchen Design and Remodeling

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“You want the kitchen to work for you
and you also want it to fit well in the space you have to dedicate to it.”

Kitchen Layout Plans

Kitchen Design Consultation

  If you are planning to build a new home or are hoping to remodel your kitchen, it’s important to know the different shapes and layouts that kitchens are typically designed in. Each floor plan offers different conveniences and some may be more well-suited for particular spaces than others. The most common kitchen layout plans are:
L-Shaped Cabinet Layout
In an L-shaped kitchen, the cabinetry forms an L, with one long arm lined with cabinets on one axis and a shorter arm of cabinets on another, connected, axis. The L-shaped cabinet layout allows for easy access to several different working areas within the kitchen and is convenient for the frequent chef.
  Island Layout
In many busy kitchen, an island with cabinets is added in addition to any cabinetry that may be installed on the wall. An island allows for easy access from practically any spot in the kitchen, making this a favorite for families who experience a lot of business in the kitchen. In Feng Shui, the island is promoted as a “command” center for the chef, allowing him or her to see the entire kitchen while working. This is particularly helpful for those who entertain frequently and have to cook while talking to guests.
  U-Shaped Cabinetry
In a U-shaped kitchen setup, cabinets are installed along three walls, creating a shape that is reminiscent of a U with two long ends and one shorter (or equal length) middle piece. U-shaped layouts allow for a great deal of storage and counter space, which is great for the busy chef. However, when working with a U-shaped layout, appliances must be placed carefully so as not to box in the chef.
  Galley Layout
A galley kitchen is what many picture when they think of a small city kitchen. In an galley kitchen two rows of counters and cabinets are situated across from one another, creating almost a corridor for the chef to work in between the two spaces. Although galley kitchens are associated with small spaces, they’re actually the preferred layout for many chefs, as they allow for easy access between prep areas and cooking areas. The biggest component in determining whether or not a galley kitchen is going to be good is the width of the room. Too much space between the two countertops will require too much movement for the chef, whereas too little space will make the chef feel cramped and frustrated.

It’s a good idea to speak with a professional designer about which kitchen layout would work best in your space. Planning for spacing issues as well as for how you intend to use the space is very important with any remodel, but it’s particularly important in the kitchen. You want the kitchen to work for you and you also want it to fit well in the space you have to dedicate to it. Professional designers who are trained in kitchen ergonomics can make a determination about where appliances should go in your kitchen and what layout would serve you best.
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